Here are some simple stretches to keep you supple and toned while working at your desk.

    1. Take a deep breath. Gently twist your head from side to side, back to front. Repeat five times.
    2. Pull off your shoes. (No one will see you.) Turn your ankles to the right, then the left. Repeat for a count of sixty.
    3. Take your hands off the computer keyboard. Move them straight out to the side. Take a deep breath and sit up tall, your head held high. Make medium circles in the air, first to the front, then to the left—twenty circles in all.
    4. Take another deep breath, and while inhaling, clench your face, your teeth, your hands, your feet, your entire body.
      Exhale and let go. Repeat twice. Don't you feel better? And you didn't even have to get up from your chair!