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The Carb-Careful Solution is your road map to a healthier, more vibrant, and more fulfilling way of life. The Secret to the diet is an eating plan that controls blood sugar and limits carbohydrates-without deprivation and unrealistic restrictions. Carbs, fats, sugars and proteins are all included in moderation, but carefully timed and paired to maintain stable blood sugar throughout the day, Insulin function is further enhanced with targeted supplements and exercise. Following this program you will lose weight, lower your risks, and boost your energy by controlling the chemistry that has been controlling you.
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In spite of the wonderful medical strides made in the last 50 years the American population still faces some of the worst medical problems ever.
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I call this dish a "gift from the sea." It is so easy to prepare that I am thankful every time I make it for company. It is a combination of both cold and hot, and is also versatile and convenient.
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Thanks so much for your 5-day Miracle Diet book! I did it five years ago and lost so much weight that I had to stop. I went back to an average diet which probably included too many sweets...

When Bonnee first came to see me, she was only slightly over­weight, about fifteen pounds to be exact. But those fifteen pounds were like fifty on someone else: She'd look in the mirror and see a "fat" body.

I looked at Bonnee that first week and I saw a beautiful, poised, and capable-looking woman. She appeared every bit the empowered woman ... a graphic artist by day, a mother of three at night. She was stylishly dressed in leggings and a striking lemon-yellow silk blouse...... The Full Article

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some simple stretches to keep you supple and toned while working at your desk.

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Paul looked so sad when he first came to see me. He had no spirit he told me, no zest for life..
This is my success story. My brother bought me your book back in July 2009. He just wanted me to readit, he wasn't concerned about me doing the program, the reading was great. Then I decided that it was time to do something and I felt confident that I could do this. I was obese by all standards, 258 Lbs 5"4 and struggling healthwise with breathing and general activities, no energy. July 13th I started the program, it was hard at first because I was used to eating all the wrong thingsn .... The Full Article