Thanks so much for your 5-day Miracle Diet book! I did it five years ago and lost so much weight that I had to stop. I went back to an average diet which probably included too many sweets. Long story short, five years and two kids later, I have reverted back to virtually no diet control. So now I'm picking up the system again. It's day two and I'm feeling good. Not looking forward to tomorrow, but I am looking forward to day FIVE! Woo-hoo! Tried and true, the system works!Anyway, I digress.

My question is this. There are several foods not addressed in your book since you probably don't eat them much in New York. In Texas, we love our avocados and tortillas. How do these count? Isn't avocado a fruit technically, and isn't it full of fat? Not sure whether to treat it as an extra or add it to a salad during a meal. And, are tortillas off limits, or do they count as a bread? And lastly, I want to switch to soy milk instead of cow's milk, but I've heard that soy slows your metabolism down. That's not such a big deal because I exercise, but I only drink milk with cereal. Can I still have my cereal every other day if I use soy?

Thanks so much for your help!! I appreciate your program so much...I forgot how wonderful it is to be in good blood sugar.


Avocado is considered a "condiment" on this program, you mayuse small (1/4 avocado) daily if you wish- although high in calories. The avocado delivers the "good fats" to your system.

You may wantto read The Carb-Careful Solution. I have a feeling that you will do very well with this "next level" program. Tacos, soy milk and cereal may not work well for you now, if you are insulin resistant.

BestWishes and a Happy New Year,

Adele Puhn, M.S., C.N.S.