Paul looked so sad when he first came to see me. He had no spirit he told me, no zest for life. "And I'm an actor/' he continued "I have to be larger than life!"

Paul was only about fifteen pounds too heavy for his frame, but it was enough for him to be rejected for television commercials, TV roles, the movies—any spot where young sexy men were wanted.

" Restaurants don't even want me," he groaned. "The only work I can get is in a gorilla suit singing 'Happy Birthday' to someone who opens the door with a stunned look on his face."

I smiled. I knew that Paul was in bad blood sugar and that it was this imbalance that was talking. I didn't say anything. I simply put Paul on the 5-Day Miracle Diet and asked him to come to see me next week. When he came back, he was smiling, his grin showing off every one of his bright white teeth.

"So, Paul," I said, "how do you feel?"
"Great!" he replied. "I feel so good I can't tell you. And I got mv first role!".

Paul had decided that the wonderful feeling he had was much more important than the fifteen pounds he wanted to lose. During the week, as his blood sugar became balanced, his thinking became clearer. "I was looking for the wrong roles," he said. "I'm a character actor, and character actors can weigh fifteen pounds more than lead-ing men. It's okay!"

Today, Paul is earning his living by playing a role. He's a well-respected actor on a popular television drama. And by the way, he's lost a total of twenty pounds, not fifteen!